22 Apr 2020

The 2020 Science & Research Breakfast Seminar Series will move to a live-stream format for the next seminar on Wednesday, 20 May 2020, when Professor Dietmar Müller from The University of Sydney (below) presents The Future of Geoscience in Australia.

Those wishing to watch the seminar in real time can find the live-stream link here. The link will be made live shortly before 8.00am on 20 May.

Approximately 15 minutes will be set aside for questions at the conclusion of the seminar. To the side of the video player is a form which permits questions to be submitted and feedback to be given about the live-stream format.

To send Dietmar a question, select the 'Questions' option during the seminar. The form has three fields: 'Name', 'Email' and 'Question'; only 'Name' and 'Question' are required fields. Hugh will deliver the question to Dietmar during the live stream Q&A. Questions which cannot be answered due to time constraints may be answered via email, provided that this field has been filled in by the sender.

To provide feedback on the seminar format, select 'Feedback'.

An edited version of the seminar video will be published here on the afternoon of 20 May.